Ryo’s Story

Youth Jobs Partnership (YJP) is focused on helping students achieve success by placing program participants into the next appropriate opportunity.  Determining the best opportunity for each student is based on that student’s career aspirations, strengths and skills, family/financial situation, and educational trajectory.  YJP staff reconnected with Ryo a year post graduation.  Ryo was working, but the follow-up call revealed that he was underemployed for his situation.  He needed a living wage job that would help support his family and eventually his college aspirations. Our career coach connected him to Dorn Color and coached him through the interview process. Click on the video link above to learn more about Ryo’s story.  Click here to learn how you can partner with Scranton Road Ministries to make an IMPACT in the community.  

Ryo's Story from The Story Is on Vimeo.

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