After-School Enrichment Program

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The Opportunity

Middle school.  During the years when students are too old to “play” and too young to work, idle time often leads to poor decisions and bad habits. But it doesn’t have to.  That same extra time can become a prime opportunity to foster big dreams and to solidify positive patterns.

In a community like the one on Cleveland’s west side, where only 24% of elementary students meet Ohio state reading standards, and only 52% of teenagers graduate from high school, reaching students in the delicate middle school window could not be more important.

The After School Enrichment Program makes the most of the valuable pre-teen years, turning a time of high risk into a time of high impact.  The after-school time block, which most pre-teens waste by wandering the neighborhood, is the perfect time to equip these young lives.

The Approach

The After School Enrichment Program takes a whole-student approach which stresses the skills underprivileged young people need most:

  • Academics:  Students receive personalized tutoring, homework assistance, and test preparation in reading and math, in addition to an educational field trip each month
  • Technology: Students learn not only typing skills, but fluency in Microsoft Office, as well as basic graphic/video editing and multimedia skills.
  • Positive Recreation: A variety of sports including basketball, soccer, and volleyball, offer a fun break from studies, on top of the interpersonal skills and physical benefits that group sports bring.
  • Personal Wellness: Special speakers and fieldtrips encourage strong personal nutrition and health habits.
  • Biblical Worldview & Character Development: Christ is the underlying basis for everything that is taught and modeled in the program, from knowledge of the Gospel, to personal character, to mentoring and discipleship.

The Impact

 This approach is impacting these impressionable middle school lives. Participating students showed a 34% improvement in reading skills and a 25% improvement in math skills. Young people are responding not only academically, but spiritually as well.  More than 70 students have professed faith in Christ so far, and Scranton Road Ministries follows up with these students to shepherd them into appropriate church-based discipleship.

The After School Enrichment Program taps into the available time and latent potential of middle school students. But opportunities for growth don’t end after the eighth grade.  Scranton Road Ministries desires to equip students to grow through middle school, into high school, and beyond to higher education and successful careers.  Ultimately, we want them to become strong members of the community and transform the next generation.  This vision is grand, but it starts with individuals taking an often-overlooked age group during an often-overlooked time of day, and harnessing its power to transform.

If you are interested in volunteering with Scranton Road Ministries’ After School Enrichment Program, contact Chad Abraham at or 216.861.5323.